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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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I can’t believe we’ve finished another year. 
One of the best things about touring is that every day is like a new adventure. 
You wake in a new city, to new people, sometimes a different language. 
From Canada and the USA, to England, France, Czechia, Poland, and Germany, I want to thank everyone who came out to be part of the Libre Tour with us. I feel incredibly honored that you make my music,
however small, a part of your lives. 
And I’m excited for the year ahead:
American tours in January and November.
European tours in May and September.
The Montreal Jazz Festival in July.
And new music and videos to come….

I want to thank everyone on my fantastic team, with whom I have the honour of working: 
Matt Sellick, Dan Minchom, Fethi Nadjem, Marito Marques, Matias Recharte, Richard Mills, Nikki Shibou, BJ Went, Jeff Pelletier, Tom Kemp, Brian Swanson, and Catherine Mayer. 

Happy Holidays to you all, and may your 2024 be filled with love, happiness, and lots and lots of music!!