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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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I can’t believe we’ve finished another year. 
One of the best things about touring is that every day is like a new adventure. 
You wake in a new city, to new people, sometimes a different language. 
From Canada and the USA, to England, France, Czechia, Poland, and Germany, I want to thank everyone who came out to be part of the Libre Tour with us. I feel incredibly honored that you make my music,
however small, a part of your lives. 
And I’m excited for the year ahead:
American tours in January and November.
European tours in May and September.
The Montreal Jazz Festival in July.
And new music and videos to come….

I want to thank everyone on my fantastic team, with whom I have the honour of working: 
Matt Sellick, Dan Minchom, Fethi Nadjem, Marito Marques, Matias Recharte, Richard Mills, Nikki Shibou, BJ Went, Jeff Pelletier, Tom Kemp, Brian Swanson, and Catherine Mayer. 

Happy Holidays to you all, and may your 2024 be filled with love, happiness, and lots and lots of music!!



Montreal Jazz Fest Annouced

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Jesse Cook has announced he will take the stage at Montreal Jazz Fest on July 4, 2024! 

The presale starts TODAY, Tuesday, December 19 at 12 pm ET.

For a list of all upcoming shows, head to the tour page.


Jesse Cook USA 2024

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Felipe Conde Releases “Jesse Cook” Signature Model!

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Felipe Conde, the world’s greatest living flamenco guitar builder, is releasing a “Jesse Cook” signature model!!!


Jesse Cook has just announced a show at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro on January 21, 2024!

The presale starts tomorrow, Tuesday, August 22 at 12pm ET with code: JESSE23

All upcoming tour dates can be found on the tour page.


Jesse On Screen


Tempest fires up Flamin! Hot on Disney+!


More Libre 2023 Tour Dates Announced!

Jessecook Libretour Banner

The Libre Tour is heading to the US, Canada and Europe!

For all upcoming shows and tickets, head to the Tour Page.


Jesse Returns To Europe This May!


Check out the chart below for the list of dates, venues and presale start times. 

For all upcoming shows and tickets, head to the Tour Page.


Jesse Chosen For Greatest Flamenco Guitar Player List


UK based music website HelloMusicTheory with 500k subscribers just ranked Jesse on their list of all time Flamenco Guitar Greats

  1. Paco Du Lucia 
  2. Tomatito
  3. Vincente Amigo 
  4. Jesse Cook. 

Writes HelloMusicTheory: 

Our next guitarist, Jesse Cook, stands out among the rest of the flamenco players on this list in that his flamenco style is unconventional. A mix of world music and jazz, his flamenco is certainly with a twist and is categorized as rumba or new flamenco.

With a passion for modern music the world over as well as traditional sound, he set off to make his own fusion that captured the world, winning him silver in the Flamenco category of Acoustic Guitar‘s 2009 Player’s Choice Award.

Though he is not truly traditional in any sense when it comes to the genre, Cook has made his mark as being innovative in style and was successful in the music industry.

Check out full list here!


Jesse Cook YouTube Subscribers Double To 200K In Just One Year!!!


The response to Jesse’s videos and shorts over the past year has been extraordinary with “Azul” has been enjoyed 6.3 M times and the  51 min playlist “Best of Love in the time of COVID 5.8 M times since launching Feb 2022.